Börshajen Sverige AB
Kungsgatan 35, 6 tr
111 56 Stockholm

Börshajen educates the future investors

Börshajen wants to engage more people in their private finances in order to eventually create a safer future for themselves. Therefore, we offer free education seminars about savings and investments to help more underrepresented target groups to enter the capital market.

A membership in Börshajen is free because we want as many as possible to create financial security by saving and investing in a long-term, sustainable and responsible manner.

We finance our work by offering companies marketing and visibility in our channels to communicate with strong consumers, potential share holders and future employees.

About Börshajen

The story of Andra Farhad is in a way like a Cinderalla story. She grew up in the suburb of Fittja where everydays life was surrounded by unemployment and crime. But she refused to be a figure in the statistics. Instead, she googled the words "How can I get rich" and read about the the stock exchange for the first time. A few years later, she has created a successful career in the financial world and now wants to engage more people.

What we offer

On Saturday, May 5th 2018, Börshajen will enter Globen and arrange Europe's largest investor event, Börshajen Academy, free of charge for 12,000 visitors. Would you like to hear more about Börshajen Academy or appear during the event? Contact us at and we will tell you more.


Customized advertising
Advertising through us makes it possible for you to save time for other activities. We are flexible in our work and offer a comprehensive solution with journalist and production.


Book Andra Farhad
Through our founder and CEO, Andra Farhad, we offer workshops, inspirational lectures and panel debates where she comes to you and engages herself on-site.


We love new ideas
We love to create new concepts with exciting companies. Do you have an idea that you would like to realize? Do not hesitate to contact us, you might become our new partner.

The areas of our expertise


Long range
With a range of over 70,000 followers and members at Börshajen, we offer communication and visibility through our web, newsletters and social media


Fully booked events
Our coveted events are often fully booked in less than 30 minutes. Join and meet our target group and become part of our knowledge dissemination work